How to use Clickable Video Hotspots on Mindstamp

Mindstamp video editing tool bar with Hotspot feature

Mindstamp makes it easier than ever to create engaging and results-driven interactive videos. To accomplish this, we use 8 primary interactions that are easy to apply on any video, including - Buttons, Questions, Hotspots, Images, Drawing, HTML Text, Navigation & Branching, and Multimedia. Each of these tools delivers distinct value depending on how you want viewers to engage with your videos. Whether you’re trying to link to additional information or content from your video or encourage a viewer to put a product into their shopping cart with a shoppable video, the Hotspot interaction does the trick.

The hotspot interaction grabs viewer attention and has the ability to make existing video content interactive. Hotspots fall in line nicely with our ultra user-friendly interface and can be a powerful asset in transforming videos into engaging viewer experiences. If you’ve ever wanted to add a hotspot to your marketing, sales, educational, training or communications video, Mindstamp has you covered!

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  1. Hotspot tutorial
  2. How to add hotspots
  3. Understanding your hotspot settings
  4. How to design your hotspots
  5. Hotspot use-cases

Continue reading to learn how Mindstamp hotspots can work for your interactive video goals! You can also watch a video tutorial using the link below:

Hotspot Configuration 

There are two ways you can apply a hotspot to your interactive video: with or without the hotspot indicator. Using a hotspot with the hotspot indicator allows you to draw viewer attention and make it very apparent that the viewer is supposed to click on the hotspot.

Alternatively, using the hotspot without the indicator (transparent hotspot) allows you to transform your existing video content into an interactive element. That means that instead of “adding” something to the video, you can just highlight it with a transparent hotspot and assign an interactive action to it! If you already have items you want to click native to your video, from embedded buttons or text to products or images, hotspots make it possible. Transparent hotspots are a great way to future-proof your video content.

Adding a hotspot to your video using Mindstamp

Once you click “Add Hotspot” on the Mindstamp interactive video toolbar, your hotspot will appear on-screen and you’ll be shown helpful configuration options. On the main video screen, simply click and drag to position the hotspot. By clicking on the edge of the hotspot you can change its size and shape as well to best match to the portion of the video you want to activate.

Using the tools on the right, you can choose exactly how long the hotspot stays on the screen or if you want to pause the video for a period while the hotspot displays, choose to show or hide the hotspot indicator, add a label to your hotspot, determine the shape of the hotspot, assign an action to the hotspot, and more. We recommend adding a label to a hotspot even if you set it not to display for better reporting. 

As a reminder, assigning action to hotspots sets what happens when a viewer clicks on the hotspot. These options include: 

  • Send your viewer to your site or checkout page when they click a hotspot by using the “Open Link” action
  • Direct viewer traffic the way you want in the video by using the “Change Time” action, for instance if you use hotspots overlaid on navigation or chapter labels natively included in the video
  • Create dynamic, decision-based experiences with the “switch video” action; your viewers can “choose their own story” in the click of a hotspot, for instance if clicking on a specific side of the video or a doorway should move them to new content
  • Convey information like reminders, recipe ingredients, or context about on-screen content by using the “show message” action 
  • Open an image upon clicking a hotspot, for instance to show product specifications or an infographic
  • Capture valuable feedback and boost engagement by collecting a free response when your viewer clicks a hotspot that sits on top of a ‘feedback’ indicator
  • Collect powerful analytics by using the “Track & Continue” action to see what interests your viewers most in your content or to do simple polls based on content on the screen
  • Overlay a video clip to provide instruction, add commentary, and more, by using the “add video” action upon clicking a hotspot
  • Overlay an audio clip to let your team know about a recent policy change, tell your class that the next topic will be on the test, or pronounce a word
  • Get in touch with your audience by allowing them to start an email after  clicking a hotspot
  • Streamline communication by letting viewers place a call when they click a hotspot overlaid on your phone number on the screen
  • Open a webpage within the same window with a hotspot, to keep external browsing simple

Using hotspots in interactive video is supported on PC, Mac, Android, iOS, etc. That means our interactive videos work on phones, tablets, computers, and trade-show displays! This versatility allows for businesses and organizations far and wide to benefit from adding a hotspot to their video content. Some examples include:

  • Sales departments use Mindstamp to add hotspots linked to special offers specific to each buyer
  • Marketing agencies give more product information and detail with hotspots that activate critical content
  • Learning institutions get students engaged and provide enhanced learning materials like links and video clips triggered by a click on a hotspot
  • Training departments use Mindstamp to capture attention enhance curriculum for deeper learning opportunities with hotspot-triggered content like multimedia and images
  • Nonprofit Organizations use Mindstamp to activate ‘Donate Now’ calls to action on their videos, directly opening a donation page
  • Tour guides, Museums, and travel agencies use Mindstamp hotspots to make learning displays interactive and immersive 
  • Online shopping sites use Mindstamp shoppable videos to supercharge click-through and sell-through rates 
  • Major purchase sales agents (Homes, Cars, Planes, Boats) use Mindstamp to prequalify leads and trigger lead capture on hotspot interaction

With the vast capability of the hotspot, the only limit to its effectiveness is your imagination! Once you’ve decided on a click action - it’s time to customize your hotspot. 

Hotspot Design

Hotspot design settings available on Mindstamp

Access the “Design” settings in a Mindstamp video by clicking the Design button on the right side of the screen.

Change the color of your hotspot in the Mindstamp settings

In design, you can customize the color of the hotspot indicator by either selecting from our list of pre-set colors, or entering your own color code! By entering your own color code, you can promote brand recognition and synchrony between company and content.

Hotspot Use-Cases

We can’t wait to see how you implement the hotspot in your interactive video. To help you get started, check out some of these example hotspot use-cases. 

  • Add an item to your cart by clicking the hotspot in a shoppable video
  • Future-proof your existing videos by adding transparent hotspots over on-screen content that link to updated information
  • Encompass an on-screen pathway or door with a transparent hotspot to create an interactive tour (switch video upon click)
  • Use a labeled hotspot to indicate what happens when you click on it during a “Choose your story” experience (ie - “Tell the truth”)
  • Using hotspots as an “interactive asterisk” that floats in the corner of the video and displays a message, fun fact, or reminder when clicked
  • Have hotspots hovering over areas of interest, like ingredients in a cooking video that display the recipe measurements when clicked 
  • Adding a hotspot labeled “Hear it” that plays audio in a language-learning video, or different engine sounds in an automotive ad
  • Plan for hotspot use in pre-production and say something like “Click the hotspot below to find out more!”
  • Gamify a video by adding multiple hotspots, including hidden hotspots, only one of which has a “prize”
  • Travel the world by putting “switch video” hotspots over different continents
  • Add hotspots over different components in an assembly video that display a quick pop-out clip on how to install the next piece
  • Plug in a hotspot labeled “Explain it” that plays a quick audio clip or shows a message

and so much more…

Now that you’ve learned how to apply, configure, and design your very own hotspot - it’s time to put one into action! 

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