How to Set Video Player Controls

Last updated on: 12/09/2021

Mindstamp provides powerful configuration controls for your interactive video experience. There are two primary mechanisms to configure playback settings for your video.

1. Configure Player Settings In Video Design

If you click on ‘Design’ while editing your Mindstamp Interactive Video, you’ll see a section titled ‘Player & Controls’. Within that section you can choose the following options:

  • Hide All Player Controls - Viewers will only be able to play/pause the video and will not see a timeline, interaction markers, the seekbar or speed controls.
  • Show Video Time - You can elect to hide the video duration. You may use this if your interactive videos are educational and you do not want students to know how long each video will take, or if you’re creating one “master” experience with multiple paths. 
  • Show Seekbar - By turning off the seekbar viewers will not be able to navigate past content on your video by clicking forward.
  • Show Markers on Seekbar - If you are showing the seekbar, you can elect to display or hide Mindstamp interaction markers for buttons, questions, hotspots, etc. from the viewer.
  • Show Rewind Button - If enabled viewers will see a simple button to rewind the interactive video 5 seconds with a click.
  • Show Fast Forward Button - If enabled viewers will see a simple button to fast forward the interactive video 5 seconds with a click.
  • Show Speed Control - If enabled, viewers will see a gear icon on the right of the video seekbar that enables them to increase the playback speed of the interactive video.

Examples of how these controls are presented are displayed below.

Here are the player + control settings under design:

2. Configure Player Settings with URL Parameters

You can also pass parameters into the video by appending information to the URL that instructs the video to behave in a specific manner. URL parameters can allow you to change how the playback experience works based on a specific viewer clickpath or desired action. For instance, you could start your Mindstamp interactive video at a specific time by using the Start Time control.

You can use any of the following URL parameters with Mindstamp.

URL parameters are appended to the video URL, either in the direct link to the video or in the embed code of the video itself as follows:

This configuration will instruct the underlying video to start at the 23 seconds mark.

Now that you know how to set your Video Player Controls - it’s time to start creating! 

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