How to embed Mindstamp Interactive Videos into Thinkific

Thinkific is a software platform that allows you to easily create, market, and sell your own online courses. Turning the video content on those courses into fully interactive experiences is a simple and powerful way to further differentiate your course content with Mindstamp.

Once you’ve created your interactive video in Mindstamp, you can integrate it into a module in Thinkific. Creating interactive video training experiences in Mindstamp, and embedding them into Thinkific, improves training and onboarding by ensuring the viewer’s comprehension, participation, and completeness of the course. It also dramatically increases content engagement.

You can boost your course’s content by making it interactive. Adding questions in the form of free response, multiple-choice, audio, videos, and drawings helps keep your viewers engaged and lets you test their learning throughout the video. Also, adding comments, buttons, and clickable images to your videos lets you add context or additional information to ensure your viewer is fully understanding the material!

Here’s how you can add your Mindstamp interactive video to a Thinkific course:

Step 1: After creating and publishing your interactive Mindstamp training video, go to ‘Share’ and press ‘Copy Link’. The link will automatically be copied to your clipboard.

Step 2: Open Thinkific and select the course that you want to add your interactive video to. 

Step 3: Click the ‘Add Lesson’ button and then click on ‘Multimedia’.

Step 4: Once clicked, you’ll see a box titled ‘Untitled Multimedia’ pop up. Rename this to match your video’s title. 

Step 5: Open the section that you just created, and mark the “Use externally hosted content” section. Paste in your video’s URL copied from Mindstamp.

The video can also be personalized to your viewer by passing variables through the URL. By incorporating personalized content—like the viewer’s name, their position at the company, and how long they have been with the company—you can pique their interest and boost engagement since they know the video was made specifically for them. Watch this tutorial on how to add personalized variables to your Mindstamp video.

Step 6: Now, when you click ‘Save’ and preview your course, your Mindstamp interactive video will open.

Next Steps

Mindstamp allows you to turn any video into a dynamic and personalized training experience. See for yourself–start your free trial with Mindstamp to start boosting your Thinkific content, or visit our website to learn more!