How to Embed Calendars Natively Into Your Interactive Videos

How to embed calendars vatively into your Mindstamp videos

Coordinating time to set meetings with clients or prospects can be a pesky task— who wants to exchange countless emails just to figure out a time that works for everyone? In today’s digital age, setting up meeting times has never been easier with online scheduling platforms that make it convenient to find and book a time when both parties are available.

Mindstamp’s interactive video platform makes it one step easier by allowing the option to embed calendars from top scheduling sites like Calendly and HubSpot directly into your interactive videos to create an end-to-end scheduling process — meaning your viewers don’t have to leave your video content to schedule a time to meet with you. By offering a seamless way to schedule time with a sales representative, for instance, you can help engaged prospects move forward with their buying process. 

While interactive video is a great way to engage buyers at all stages of the sales funnel, 60 percent of buyers prefer to communicate with a representative during their consideration stage, after they’ve done their own research. Therefore, it's essential to offer those in the consideration phase a simple way to get in touch with a member of your team to ask questions and guide clients down the funnel.

How to embed calendars natively into your Mindstamp videos:

Step 1: To start adding interactive features to your videos, upload or link your existing video to Mindstamp’s interactive video platform. Check out this tutorial for more information on how to upload your video to Mindstamp.

Step 2: Add an interactive feature such as an interactive button that says ‘Book a Meeting.'

Step 3: Select ‘Open Link (Modal)’ under the Click Action section. Then add your native Calendly link or HubSpot Calendar link to the ‘Click Action Value’ section. 

Click action value setting

Step 4: Once the link has been added, select Save. Then view your Calendly embed or HubSpot scheduling tool embed by clicking on the button you created. Here’s what it should look like:

Want more interactive video tips? 

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