How does Mindstamp’s integration with Salesforce work?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that uses data to integrate your marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams. With Salesforce, you can build your marketing strategy around your customer’s journey and leverage customer data to drive results. As part of Mindstamp's interactive video integration with Salesforce, we offer you the opportunity to connect and share your interactive video data with Salesforce’s powerful CRM.

Mindstamp + Salesforce Integration

Mindstamp produces unique and highly valuable data each time someone watches your video. You can then sync the data collected, such as captured leads, session information, and interactions, directly to Salesforce, allowing your team access to accurate real-time data. In summary, for every view that happens on your Mindstamp videos, we create a record in Salesforce that includes rich information collected from the video, which your team can use to custom tailor marketing efforts and increase sales.

Viewer Information and Salesforce

  1. Viewer information such as name, email, phone, time of view, duration, and percentage completed are all included in your Mindstamp data report. The data captured also includes all viewer interactions, such as what they clicked, how they answered questions, view counts, etc. As a result, your team can gain a greater understanding of your target audience.

  2. If the viewer ID (email is standard) matches an existing contact or lead in Salesforce, the new or updated information collected from the interactive video will update the record within Salesforce. If it does not match, a new lead contact page will be created within Salesforce automatically. You can then use Salesforce Process Builder to create rich workflows based on the information your viewers provided, including triggering tasks, creating opportunities, etc.

Mindstamp and salesforce logos


With Mindstamp, you can turn any video into an interactive experience that boosts engagement, drives action, collects information, and provides valuable insight into your audience and how your content is performing. Using the Mindstamp x Salesforce integration, you can leverage your insights to provide a more effective and targeted marketing and sales strategy.

To learn more about adding interactive elements to your website using Mindstamp, including how to leverage Mindstamp’s Salesforce integration, schedule a free demo with a Mindstamp expert today.