How do I create a video with closed captions?

When you think of closed captioning, you’re probably thinking of a feature that’s meant to help those with hearing disabilities. However, there are many benefits to adding captions to your video other than just making it more accessible. When closed captions are available, there’s an 80% increased likelihood that a viewer will watch a video to completion—and completion rates are a critical metric when it comes to determining the overall success of your videos. 

When adding closed captions to your video you can make it more accessible to all viewers, increase search SEO, improve audience comprehensive and user experience, and more. With over 64% of marketers saying their videos perform better with captions, it’s clear that this feature should be something that’s prioritized when you are creating videos for your business. 

Now, we know this may seem like a time-consuming and unnecessary task, however, the Mindstamp interactive video software allows you to easily add your own closed caption file for each video.

Here’s how to create a video with closed captions.

  1. Upload or link your video to Mindstamp’s interactive video platform. Check out this tutorial for more information on how to upload your video to Mindstamp.
  1. Once the video is uploaded, click ‘More’ on the right sidebar and select ‘Edit Captions.’
  1. You’ll be given the option to select which language you’d like your captions to be— Click on either the English, Spanish or French button. 
  1. After selecting which language your captions will display in, you now have to upload a VTT file with your pre-created captions. To test if your VTT is free of no errors, use this VTT Validator tool to check your file. You can drop, paste or browse files in the pop-up window. Once the file is uploaded, select ‘Done.”

With Mindstamp’s interactive video platform, you can quickly add closed captions and enhance your viewer’s video experience and engagement with your video and ultimately reach your business goals by driving action.

Increasing Interactivity with Mindstamp’s Searchable Transcript Feature

If you are looking to make your videos even more interactive, Mindstamp automatically transcribes your videos into searchable, clickable transcripts that allow your viewers to see and move throughout the video contents at a glance. A viewer will be able to type in any word and see where that topic was mentioned in the video, making it easier for them to engage with your video based on their needs. 

Closed captions may keep your viewer watching until the end, but searchable transcripts allow them to continue engaging with the video even after they’ve already finished.

To learn more about how to add interactive features to your website using Mindstamp, schedule a free demo or visit our website to learn more!