How do I change the color or design of Text Comments?

Comments are a simple way to add useful information or commentary to your videos on Mindstamp.

  • Provide Information: Add personal thoughts or notes throughout the video. Expand on content.
  • Instruct the Viewer: Prepare them for action or tell them what to pay attention to.
  • Create Navigation Aids: Comments are clickable in the video guide and will move to the specified time in the video on click.

With Mindstamp, you have the ability to change the color of your comments on a video level design where the changes only occur on that video, or you can update on an account level design so that the changes are implemented across your entire account. Which setting you choose to update depends entirely on your preferences for creating videos.

Account Level Design for Comments

Access your account settings by clicking on the ‘More’ tab in the top right corner and then navigating to ‘Account’

View your account settings on Mindstamp to update account level design for comments.

Once you’re in ‘Account’, you’ll want to access the ‘Style and Branding’ tab in order to edit the accent color. You can choose any color which will be inherited across comments, play buttons, and interaction marker branding. You can also choose a ‘Custom Font’ that will be used across all comments on your Mindstamp videos. Remember that you're editing Account level design which means that changes here will apply to all videos in your account unless overridden at the group or video level.

Update your style and branding under account settings to change your comment design.

Video Level Design for Comments

Access the “Design” settings in a Mindstamp video by clicking the Design button on the right side of the screen.

Change the design on a video level by navigating to a video and selecting design.
Update both the accent color and customer font for your comments

Similar to before, you can now update the accent color and the font on that specific video by choosing a custom color and font.

Want more? 

Mindstamp has a whole bunch of interactive features, including hotspots, personalization, questions, dynamic navigation, and more. Request a demo with one of our Mindstamp experts to get an idea of all the different ways you can edit your video to be more interactive and engaging.