How do I capture name, email or phone number in my video?

A quick and easy way to add text-based personalization to your videos and capture necessary contact information is using Mindstamp’sViewer Info Capture’ feature.

Personalizing your video may be helpful to bring your brand or product back in mind to your viewer. It makes your viewer feel special knowing that you are actively trying to make a personal connection with them and are working to make their experience with your brand better.

How do I get started collecting information?

To configure your video to automatically collect information about your viewer, press "Settings' on your video and find the section labeled "Choose Viewer Info to Capture", which looks like this:

You can choose which information to capture, including name, email, and phone. You can choose whether it's required and when to capture it. For marketing purposes, we recommend first interaction so you don't experience drop-off. For training and other internal purposes, capturing it at the start of the video is recommended for the least disruption. 

Once captured, all video views from that same browser will be logged under the Viewer record, so you can start building a profile of what they watched and the interactions they took. This data can also be integrated with other software such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Zapier, and more so you can easily gather contact data and user insights from your Mindstamp videos and other business interactions, and then sync and share the data between the two platforms.

Further, all information captured in this way is available for use as personalized variables later in the video if on a Core plan. So you can use {{name}}, {{email}}, or {{phone}} in any later interaction, including button, hotspot, text or question.

Want more? 

Mindstamp has a whole bunch of interactive features, including hotspots, personalization, questions, dynamic navigation, and more. Request a demo with one of our Mindstamp experts to get an idea of all the different ways you can edit your video to be more interactive and engaging.