How Can I Share My Interactive Videos?

Whether it is through TikTok, Instagram reels, or Facebook reels, videos have undoubtedly become the dominant form of content as it captivates audiences and keeps them interested. However, how about adding interactive video to the mix?

Interactive video takes videos one step further. In comparison to a traditional linear video, interactive videos use interactive features and elements throughout the video to drive interest and action, resulting in 3 to 4 times greater viewer engagement. Even better, with Mindstamp’s powerful interactive platform you can capture and record valuable data from your video viewers so you know exactly who your audience is and how they’re interacting with your content!

The best way to increase views and engagement of your interactive videos is to share them with your audience and make them accessible across channels. Because interactive video allows for a personalized, dynamic experience with data collection that’s beyond the capabilities of a regular video, there are a few unique ways to share your video to ensure your interactive features work effectively for all audiences.

Below is a list of all the ways you can share your Mindstamp interactive videos with your audience to maximize their impact across channels.

  1. Copy Share Link
  2. Embed Your Video
  3. Invite Private Viewers
  4. Share with QR code
  5. Share in a Group
  6. Share on Social

How to share your interactive video

Copy Share Link

A ‘share link’ is simply the URL that links to your interactive video. This is the simplest and quickest way to share your interactive videos online.

Once you publish your video, you can copy the video’s share link to share with your audience by posting it on social networks, sending a video via email (including behind a call-to-action from an email builder), or just about anywhere else you can share a link!

What’s more, depending on your subscription tier, you may also have access to personalized URLs and Custom Domains that make your share link appear as though it came from your or your client’s own site!

In the video below you’ll see exactly how to copy your interactive videos share link within Mindstamp.

Embed interactive videos

You can share your interactive video content directly on your site, landing pages, or supported LMS using embed codes. This means website viewers won't have to leave your page/site to view your interactive content. Embedding is a great way to enhance your website's overall visual appeal and will help you keep visitors on your site longer. You can also modify embed codes to change the video’s width, frame size, and other elements for optimal viewing no matter what device it’s being viewed on.

To begin, simply copy the inline or pop-out embed code from the “Sharing” tab of the Mindstamp video. This code will work on any site that accepts iframe embeds or custom HTML. Please be sure to choose one of these options rather than a "video" embed as most site builders and LMS’ only accept YouTube videos through this method.

In the video below we demonstrate how to copy your interactive video-embedded code.

Invite private viewers

For private, secure video sharing, you can invite viewers by email to watch your Mindstamp video. Once shared, your viewer will receive an email from Mindstamp which will provide them with private access to your video. This is the most secure way to share your interactive videos on Mindstamp.

The private viewing option is a great way to share videos internally to ensure all your interactive features work before sharing your video publicly. It’s also a great option when sharing an interactive video with sensitive business information.

In the video below we demonstrate how to share your interactive video privately within Mindstamp.

Share interactive videos with QR code

A QR code is a pixelated square barcode that is designed to be scanned by a camera and is most often used to store URLs.

If you're looking for a more physical way to share videos, a QR code is a great option. For example, if you’re running a direct mail campaign you can include the QR code image on the postcard so that when accessed via mobile phone or tablet, it links them directly to your interactive video.

Here's an example of a generated QR code - check it out!

In the video below we demonstrate how to generate your QR code in order to share your interactive.

Share interactive videos in a group

Groups are a way to share videos, data, and access control within Mindstamp to a specific group or audience of people, such as a client, team members, or class. You can create a group within Mindstamp, add members, and give them automatic access to the videos anytime you share with the group.

In the video below, we demonstrate how to share your interactive video with a group.

Share interactive videos on social media

Videos are a great way to engage followers on social media since videos generate 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.

If you are interested in social sharing on a site like Facebook or Twitter, you can use our built-in social sharing preview tool to help get an idea of what your friends or followers will see. One your social sharing preview is configured to your liking, simply share your Mindstamp URL and your viewers will have quick and easy access to your interactive experience!

A great way to share with Instagram users is to upload an enticing image of your content or topic, and then include "link to bio" below the image. This would lead the viewers to your interactive video. As a result, there are specific ways to share interactive content on social media. Click here to learn how.

You can also create a short video clip of your interactive video with a call to action for your audience to experience first-hand. You can do this by creating a screen recording, using a platform like QuickTime Player, of your Mindstamp video and then uploading it to your social post with a link to the full video.

Here’s an example of how we used QuickTime Player to create a screen recording of our Mindstamp interactive video “in action” to share on social media:

Interactive videos have endless potential. When you share your interactive content online, you maximize the effectiveness and reach of your video!

Need assistance with determining which share method is best for your business needs? Schedule a demo. Or start sharing your videos and collecting valuable data today with a 7-day free trial.