How can I add a Subscribe to Youtube Button to my videos?

YouTube is one of the largest platforms for creators today. While YouTube itself does not support interactivity today, many creators use Interactive Video to drive traffic to their YouTube channel.

One great way to do that is by adding a SUBSCRIBE button to a video that prompts a user to subscribe to your YouTube Channel. Follow these simple steps to add a button and gain more subscribers from your Mindstamp interactive videos:

Head to Youtube and click your channel picture in the top right corner, then press Your Channel:

Once you are on your channel page, copy the website address in the URL bar. This is the link to your channel.

Once you've copied this down, head back to your Mindstamp video and add a button interaction to your video.

Choose the Open Link click action. For the URL to open, paste your channel link and add "?sub_confirmation=1" to the end of it.

So if your channel is:

Then adding the "?sub_confirmation=1" to it will result in:

When a viewer clicks this button, they will be taken to your YouTube channel and prompted to confirm their subscription:

Congrats! You've given your viewers a one-click way to subscribe to your channel. Utilize this technique and other interactive video features to grow and engage your audience better than ever!