How can I add a Hotspot to my video?

Once you've added a video to Mindstamp, either by uploading a direct file or linking to a third party platform like Vimeo, Wistia or Kaltura, you can begin to add Interactions including buttons, questions, hotspots and more.

To add a hotspot, simply click the 'Add Hotspot’ control underneath the video which looks like a sun.

The hotspot will appear on your video and you can move and resize it as you wish.

On the control panel, you can configure:

  • Show Time: Determines when the hotspot begins to display on your video.
  • Hide Time: Determines when the hotspot disappears.
  • Pause for Hotspot: Instead of displaying for a certain time, this selection will pause the video for a given period and only display the hotspot (or other interactions) at that time.
  • Show Hotspot Indicator: Controls if the hotspot pulsing circle displays or not. If not the clickable area will become ‘active’ on mouseover for desktop viewers and only active on click for mobile viewers.
  • Hotspot Caption: If you want to label the hotspot on screen for more info.
  • Hotspot Click Action: What happens when a viewer clicks the hotspot. This can open a website link, display a message, open an image, change the time in the video and more.
  • Action Value: Depending on the click action, you populate the appropriate content. So if the button is opening a link, you provide the website URL in this field.