How To Get Started Using Mindstamp's Interactive Video Software

Welcome to Mindstamp, the simplest and most powerful interactive video platform available. Consider this your one-stop shop for getting started with Mindstamp’s interactive video software!

We’ll give you a brief overview of what you can do with interactive video, including how to get started using Mindstamp’s top interactive video features and capabilities.

1. What is interactive video?

2. How to get started using interactive video?

    a. Choose a video

    b. Add interactive features

         I. Buttons

         II. Hotspots

         III. Images

         IV. Questions

         V. Drawings

         VI. Multimedia

         VII. Text

         VIII. Navigation

         IX. Conditional logic

3. How to share your interactive videos

4. Data and reports

5. Mindstamp integrations

What is interactive video?

Interactive video is an evolved form of traditional video that puts viewers in the driver’s seat of an engaging and immersive experience. Viewers can interact with clickable in-video calls to action, explore branching storylines, and much, much more! 

With Mindstamp’s interactive video software, users can upload their existing videos, then add various clickable elements with our drag & drop editor. These could include question prompts, clickable hotspots to learn more about an on-screen product, or clickable buttons to schedule time on a calendar. The opportunities are endless!

Ready to start seeing the benefits of interactive video? We’ll show you how to get started with Mindstamp’s top interactive features!

How to get started with interactive video 

Choose a video 

To get started with interactive video you’ll need to first choose a video you wish to add interactivity to and upload it via your Mindstamp Dashboard.

Mindstamp can host a video you upload directly, use a link to a video you have on dropbox or AWS (with MP4 being the preferred format), or use existing videos on Vimeo, Kaltura, JWPlayer, or Wistia.

Add interactive features 

Once you have your video uploaded and named you'll be able to start adding Mindstamp’s interactive features and start maximizing your interactive video capabilities. Let's begin by walking through some of the features included with Mindstamp. 

Getting started with buttons 

Buttons are a highly visible and powerful way to prompt viewer action and increase engagement within your interactive videos. Mindstamp lets you add buttons with custom actions throughout your videos, and you can even customize the button’s text size, color, and more to fit your brand.

Buttons can drive an endless range of use cases that make interactive videos more powerful than regular videos alone. 

Below is a picture of your navigation toolbar and is where you’ll go to add a button. 

Here’s some additional information on how to get started using buttons

Getting started with hotspots 

With hotspots, you can make any portion of your video clickable. Hotspots are a great way to capture your viewer’s attention to a specific part of your video and drive a range of actions from anywhere on the screen or from any item displayed in your video.

Below is a picture of your navigation toolbar where you’ll go to add a hotspot.

Here's some additional information on how to get started using hotspots!

Getting started with images 

Interactive images allow you to take your static jpeg or png files and apply a range of ‘actions’ to them when clicked.

With images you can: 

  • Immerse viewers and extend view time  
  • Allow viewers to click on images to learn more
  • Upload custom graphics to be made interactive 

Below is a picture of your navigation toolbar and is where you’ll go to add an image. 

Here's some more information on how to get started using images

Getting started with questions 

Using questions you can pause the video to solicit a response from your viewers. Questions are a great way to prompt action and tailor the experience to each viewer based on their response. 

With questions you can:


Below is a picture of your navigation toolbar where you’ll go to add a question.

Here’s some more information on how to get started using questions!

Getting started with drawings 

With Interactive drawings, you can draw and highlight on any video. You can use drawings to circle or point to specific items to make sure a viewer is paying attention.

With drawings you can: 

  • Call attention to on-screen material 
  • Use drawing tools to add last-minute input 
  • Let your audience get involved with their own drawing tools (participation mode)

Below is a picture of your navigation toolbar where you’ll go to add a drawing.

Here’s some more information on how to get started using drawings!

Getting started with multimedia 

With multimedia, you can upload or record video and audio and apply it directly on top of your existing video content.

By overlaying audio or video clips onto your interactive experience, you’re able to quickly convey important information, offer deeper assistance for struggling students/employees, and much more!

With multimedia you can: 

  • Record instruction, clarification, or explanations in-app 
  • Add voice clips 
  • Personalize video or audio clips to specific users. 

Below is a picture of your navigation toolbar where you’ll go to add multimedia. 

Here’s some more information on how to get started with multimedia.

Getting started with text

With Mindstamp’s text feature you’ll never have to make edits to your original videos!

This feature is the easiest way to add text-based commentary to existing or new videos and a great way to future-proof your content! This feature is also helpful for adding text-based personalization to any of your marketing, sales, or training videos! 

Below is a picture of your navigation toolbar where you’ll go to add text.

Getting started with navigation 

With the navigation feature, viewers can receive a customized video-watching experience based on the content they are most interested in seeing. You can use Mindstamp’s navigation feature to jump to different sections throughout your video or redirect your viewer to new or external content, all in one seamless transition. 

Use navigation to: 

  • Pause the video 
  • Link externally 
  • Change the time
  • Switch the video 

Here’s some more information on how to get started with navigation

Getting started with comments 

Mindstamp comments are the easiest way to add your thoughts, clarifications, and inspirations to any video.

Use comments to: 

  • Provide additional information 
  • Instruct the viewer 
  • Create navigation aids 


Comments are simple and quick to add. 

Getting started with conditional logic 

With conditional logic, you can create dynamic, personalized experiences based on the input that the video collects.

Using conditional logic, you can change the viewer's experience based on their actions and the information you've collected from them throughout the video. Conditions are set up based on the viewer's actions and the data it collects, and then "IF/THEN" statements are used to determine the next direction or content to show.

Here’s some more information on how to get started using conditional logic.  


Additional interactive features to implement

Adding interactivity to your videos is easy with these features! You can also add features like chapters and clickable transcripts so viewers can easily understand and navigate through your content. 

How to share your interactive video 

Once you’ve finished creating your interactive video, all that's left to do is share your interactive video with your viewers to increase views and engagement of your content, and to start collecting valuable data 

There are a couple of ways you can share your Mindstamp interactive videos

  • Copy share link
  • Embed your video
  • Invite private viewers
  • Share with QR code
  • Share in a group
  • Share on social

View data and reports 

After sharing your interactive videos, Mindstamp will record and report data for every single viewer. You’ll be able to see exactly who watched, what they clicked on, the feedback they left, and much more! 

Here’s more information on how to get started with data and reports!

Data Integrations 

Connect and share your data between Mindstamp and your favorite apps to drive business processes, capture leads, automate marketing, and more! 

HubSpot Integration

Mindstamp connects directly to your Hubspot CRM platform, allowing you to track, trigger and augment your existing CRM, contact management, and marketing processes and workflows with the power of interactive video.

Learn more about the HubSpot Mindstamp integration.


Mindstamp directly integrates with your Salesforce CRM platform, delivering powerful insight about interactive video views and interactions directly into your CRM data and processes.

Learn more about the Salesforce Mindstamp integration.


Use our Zap to integrate Mindstamp views, lead capture or interaction data with thousands of other applications. It’s just another way that Mindstamp keeps optimization simple!

Learn more about the Zapier Mindstamp integration.

Google Analytics 

Add your Google Analytics tag to Mindstamp to track views, interactions, and other events.

With our Google Analytics integration, you can see:

  • Page views 
  • Completion percentages 
  • Interaction events 
  • Start/play/pause/end events 

Learn more about the Google Analytics Minstamp integration.

Check out our other top Mindstamp integrations.

Additional help

Mindstamp has an extensive library of interactive features and capabilities, making it the more powerful, yet simple way to create interactive videos. 

Want more tips on how to take your videos to the next level? Our team of experts is always available to help or answer any questions you may have about Mindstamp. Schedule a demo today for a personalized walkthrough with a member of our team to see exactly how interactive video can empower your organization!