Can I make my video autoplay?

Using video as a communication tool is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, 81% of businesses use video as an effective part of their marketing strategies. With so many businesses using video, what’s the best way to grab your viewers’ attention?

While adding interactivity to your videos using Mindstamp’s interactive video platform is an excellent way to keep your viewers’ engaged, using the autoplay function for your interactive videos is an effective way to grab their attention from the start.

Let’s dive deeper:

  1. What is video autoplay?
  2. Benefits of autoplay
  3. How to enable autoplay in your interactive Mindstamp video

What is video autoplay?

With autoplay, a video is automatically played without the user having to click on the play button.

Due to the overwhelming amount of digital content available in the current digital space, ensuring your video is viewed can be challenging. It is becoming increasingly common for videos to be paired with autoplay as it prompts the audience to watch the video without any action on their part. This focus-grabbing benefit of autoplay comes in handy when looking to captivate your audience in a matter of seconds.

Benefits of using video autoplay:

  • Streamline video viewing by reducing button clicks.
  • Give businesses the chance to make their message heard.
  • Capture attention which can lead to increased viewers taking the desired action.

How to enable autoplay in Mindstamp video?

You can easily enable autoplay on your Mindstamp interactive videos. It’s important to note that autoplay in Mindstamp settings can be subject to unique browser settings and will not work on Apple iPhones. Mindstamp autoplay videos will also start with the sound muted, but can easily be unmuted by viewers via controls.

Step 1: First, login to your Mindstamp portal. Click “Videos” in the top menu. Then find and click your video and click “Open Video.”

Step 2: To share a video with autoplay, you need to first publish your Mindstamp video (this is a must!), so make sure your video is finished before starting these steps. To publish your video click ‘Publish’ on the right-hand side of the video editing screen.

Step 3: After publishing, click on the “Share button” on the right hand side of the video editing screen to access your video share settings.

Step 4: Next, check the box “Use Autoplay” located at the top. This will add the necessary information at the end of your share link to signify that the video will autoplay when displayed.

Here's a quick video of each step on how to enable autoplay in Mindstamp:

Tips for implementing autoplay

Keep these best practices in mind when you are setting up your videos to have autoplay, and most importantly remember to keep your viewers' interests in mind.

  • Ensure that the video is mute when it starts. You don't want people to become overwhelmed by the sound and stop watching the video.
  • It is essential that the control panel of the video is easily accessible to the user so they can take actions (play, pause, forward, etc.) as preferred by them.
  • Understand your audience, and only autoplay videos that you think might be valuable for them.

Want more interactive video tips?

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