Can I add multiple buttons at the same time to my video?

Yes, absolutely! Buttons are a powerful way to prompt viewer action and increase engagement. Mindstamp helps you add buttons with custom actions throughout your videos. Buttons can use a variety of actions when clicked such as opening URL links, changing the time of the video, or even opening a new Mindstamp video entirely. Also, there are various different design customization options available to you when creating a button including text, background, and border color. 

Adding Multiple Buttons At The Same Time

If you want to add an identical button to the one you’ve previously created with the same display time, size, and font size, simply click ‘Save and Add Another’. This means that the next button created will inherit those configurations. You can then change the button text and click action and move the new button around on the screen to create the display you want. 

Conversely, if you have buttons that you’ve configured independently but have overlapping display times, they will display at the same time for the period that they overlap. To be sure that your buttons will display at the same time, double-check that each button has the same ‘Show Time’.

Why would I display multiple buttons at the same time? 

Having multiple buttons at the same time during your video gives your viewer more interactive elements to engage with and allows you to provide them with different options. An example of how you can use multiple buttons at the same time would be a dynamic personalized navigation. By including this dynamic feature in your videos, you’re able to let the viewer decide what they want to watch next by clicking a button to choose their own path. 

See it in action here: 

To learn more about adding buttons to your videos using Mindstamp, schedule a free demo or visit our website.