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Increase the value of your videos

Increase Viewer Engagement and Retention

Grab your viewer's attention by creating content they can interact with directly in the video.

Sell more products through Shoppable Video

Activate any product in your video with clickable hotspots to create shoppable videos that convert.

Capture sales leads from your video audience

Collect a Name, Email, and Phone Number from your viewers and isync the information to your CRM platform.

Improve video training comprehension and retention

Add resources and questions to drive higher engagement, increase understanding of materials, and track comprehension.

Personalize every video experience

Collect information from your viewers to personalize the video based on their wants and needs.

Enhance remote learning and student participation

keeps students excited and interested by adding links, images, questions and drawings.

Why Mindstamp?

User Friendly
Simple drag and drop interface, makes it easy to add interactive elements to any existing video.
Excellent Support
Comprehensive help center and a dedicated support team available to help you be awesome.
Extensive Functionality
Full range of powerful interactive elements and capabilities to take your videos to the next level.

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