Mindstamp Wins $25,000 Grand Prize at the 2021 Crummer Rollins Venture Plan Competition

(Melbourne, FL – March 24, 2021) Melbourne-based Mindstamp, a leading provider of interactive video solutions for modern business, today announces its first-place finish in the 2021 Crummer Rollins Venture Plan Competition.

Hosted by the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College, the annual competition encourages Florida-based technology, medical, space and services businesses to compete for cash, startup support and in-kind services of over $100,000. Mindstamp will receive the competition’s $25,000 grand prize.

“The Rollins Competition was perfectly timed as Mindstamp continues to accelerate its growth. It allowed us to focus on who our customers are and how interactive video can dramatically enhance their marketing, sales and training, regardless of industry,” said Brett Lindenberg, Mindstamp founder and CEO. “We’ll invest the $25,000 grand prize to expand the delivery of Mindstamp’s simple, powerful and tremendously high-value video platform worldwide. Marketing executives, corporate communications teams and training organizations can drive more value from video with Mindstamp.”

Launched in 2019, Mindstamp simplifies the process for users to create personalized video marketing assets, engaging product videos, improved training and onboarding content and more. From clickable buttons, hotspots and images to personalized questions and dynamic navigation, Mindstamp turns existing or new video content into engaging value assets for businesses across industries.

Interactive video is more interesting to viewers, more engaging in its content and more immediately actionable. In fact, 24% of businesses plan to use interactive video this year simply because it’s more differentiated and impactful,” said Lindenberg.

34 past finalists in the Rollins competition since 2012, 27 remain in business today. Together, those companies have generated over $55 million in revenue, raised $36 million in investment capital and currently employ over 374 people.

“Each of these startups has tremendous growth potential, and we are excited to see how they use the Venture Plan Competition as a springboard for continued success,” said Dr. Pete McAlindon, Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship at the Crummer Graduate School of Business.

About Mindstamp Mindstamp is an online platform that transforms video content with interactive, actionable elements to engage users. Mindstamp provides interactive features to support a wide range of business processes, including marketing, sales and training. To learn more, please visit https://mindstamp.io/.

For inquiries, please contact: Andrew Brooks via email andrew@mindstamp.io or phone 202-317-0702

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