New: IconFinder Integration!

Interactive video is about engaging with the content.

This means clicking on-screen elements, like buttons, hotspots, and images to take specific actions such as branching, changing time, or providing information. 

Now, it's even easier to enrich your content with actionable, clickable items with our new IconFinder integration!

How does this help me?

🔍 Easy Search + Use: Forget that extra tab: you can directly browse, preview, and insert icons into your video projects right from our platform for quick an efficient access.

🎨 Diverse Aesthetics: With access to an expansive library of icons - such as menu icons, download prompts, or "next / previous" graphics - you can now tailor your video interfaces with unparalleled aesthetic flexibility.

💡 Enhance Viewer Navigation: Icons aren't just pretty - they're functional! Using intuitive icons can help inform and guide the viewer's experience throughout the content. 

How do I start?

IconFinder is live today on all subscription plans! Simply add an image interaction, and then select the IconFinder tab from the left side to search for your desired icon:

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