ThingLink vs. Mindstamp: How do they compare?

ThingLink is a leading interactive video platform but has its limitations. You may think, “Are there any other interactive video communication platforms that are comparable to the ThingLink software?” Rather than spending hours searching for comparable alternatives, take the time to check out this comprehensive review to learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that interactive videos convert twice as much as passive content - a difference that could prove invaluable to your business or organization. This should inspire your business or organization to include interactive videos in its marketing and sales strategies, or to revamp your existing videos to interactive videos.

However, you might find it challenging to choose an interactive video software suitable for your needs, especially if you have no idea what features and capabilities to look for. In addition, the number of software options available today can make finding the right solution to meet all your business needs quite tricky, which may lead to months of research. So, we’ve simplified the process for you. Below is a breakdown of ThingLink and how it compares to the leading interactive video platform, Mindstamp.

ThingLink Breakdown

ThingLink is an interactive education and media tool for making annotations on digital items. For example, a “tag” can be added to an image, video, or other media to help create interactive and educational visual learning expereinces.

ThingLink Features

  • Tagging
  • Content layouts
  • Customization options
  • Tours and presentation building
  • Measure results

ThingLink Pricing

Each ThingLink plan offers different features based on need, with some plans offering free trials. However, these options can become quite expensive if you need multiple packages to meet your business needs.

Interactive video plans from ThingsLink fall into three categories:

  • Marketing and Communications:

            Professional individual: $300/year

             Premium team: $1,500/year

             Enterprise: $5,400/year

  • School and academic institutions: Additionally, there are some educational and training plans that can be explored, although many require a minimum class size.
  • Corporate training and e-learning: ThingLink has various e-learning plans that include a non-sharable testing only plan, a premium tier for $48/user/year (minimum 50 users) and an enterprise tier for $96/user/year (minimum 100 users).

In addition to the pricing seen above, ThingLink also offers free trials to learn how to edit interactive images, videos, and other media content without publishing, and a 5-day free trial with publishing.

ThingLink only offers annual plans, making it an ideal platform for users who know they are needing a long-term solution and that ThingLink is the right solution. However, if you have a business that is just getting started with interactive video, this could mean a considerable financial investment on your part, especially if you’re unsure which interactive video is right for your business.

Why Mindstamp is the Best ThingLink Alternative

Mindstamp is an interactive video platform that makes it easy to turn any existing sales, marketing, and training video into an intelligent and interactive viewer experience.

Businesses benefit greatly from including a link to a landing page in videos since users do not have to spend extra time looking for additional information. On the ThingLink platform, if you add a direct link or a webpage, each time the link is clicked and loaded counts as a view. If you exceed a certain number of views, the links are automatically redirected to be viewed on the ThingLink website and you will need to pay to get more views. With no monthly plans available, this only adds to the overall cost of making videos interactive.

However, with Mindstamp there is no cap on link views. Through the platform, a broad range of features including links can be applied easily to existing videos to create interactive video experiences that drive engagement, get users to take action, and increase immersion and deeper understanding of the content. Best of all? These features are available in flexible and affordable monthly plans.

Mindstamp Features:

Mindstamp Pricing

Mindstamp’s straightforward feature packages offer various affordable monthly and annual pricing plans, including a custom Enterprise solution for businesses with specific goals and feature needs and a free trial for all new users.

  • Free trial
  • Starter: $29/month
  • Core: $99/month
  • Pro: $249/month
  • Enterprise: Custom

The Mindstamp Difference

With MindStamp's extensive capabilities, you can add interactive features to existing videos using a simple drag-and-drop interface. It is a known favorite for Best Video Software, not to mention one of the more affordable interactive video platforms on the market.

Along with its powerful interactive features, Mindstamp also offers a comprehensive help center and a dedicated support team available via meeting or chat so that you can always receive the timely assistance you need.  


Get started with Mindstamp

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