Eko vs. Mindstamp: How do they compare?

Interactive video is quickly becoming one of the most powerful video trends to change how viewers expect to interact with content. With this increase in customer desire to create interactive video comes an overwhelming amount of platforms entering the market. With so many choices available, it can be hard to know which interactive video software is most compatible with your company’s goals.  

Eko is a popular eCommerce solution that allows you to add interactions to your video. However, with an advertised line-up of commercial clients, it can be difficult to know what’s available for non-commercial use-cases or smaller brands that may have a more limited budget.

Below is a breakdown of Eko and how it compares to the leading interactive video platform, Mindstamp.

Eko Interactive Video Breakdown

Eko Interactive Video focuses on offering solutions for eCommerce, advertising, and entertainment. Their features are more tailored to creating shoppable videos, branded content, etc. 

The “Eko studio” is an online tool with a straightforward interface that can be used to create interactive content. Eko also offers the opportunity to build your own custom HTML5 experiences. However, overall, Eko’s interface may be a bit more complex to newer users and those without experience. 

Eko Features

  • Multichannel distribution
  • Interactivity 
  • Real-time switching and branching
  • Analytics dashboard

Eko Media Pricing

Eko has multiple enrollment options on their platform. As previously mentioned, the Eko studio is used for ​​hosting & creating non-commercial projects. However, for premium eCommerce solutions, you’ll need to upgrade to their pro plan which offers additional capability. Pricing for the pro plan is not available on the site so you’ll need to contact them for more information. 

Why Mindstamp is the best Eko alternative

Mindstamp is an interactive video platform that makes it easy to turn any existing sales, marketing, and training video into an intelligent and interactive viewer experience. Mindstamp offers a variety of interactive features that make it simple to transform any video into an engaging and powerful experience. 

Mindstamp interactive features include:

Mindstamp, like Eko, also has shoppable video capabilities, like clickable product images, or hotspots that link directly to the viewer’s shopping cart, making it a great eCommerce interactive video platform alternative for those considering Eko.

Mindstamp’s simple interface allows you to quickly transform your videos with just a few clicks. Adding and changing the branding of interactive elements such as buttons, hotspots, and comments can be achieved in just a few clicks with an intuitive platform created with user experience in mind. If users are still struggling to understand how to use the Mindstamp platform, all users have access to Mindstamp’s extensive Help Center which has been created to answer any questions that may come up during the creation process. If that’s not enough, Mindstamp has a dedicated support team ready to support you throughout your journey— Check out our Capterra and G2 reviews that highlight our top-notch customer support. 

Mindstamp pricing

Mindstamp offers a free trial for all new users and has a variety of affordable pricing plans available, including a custom Enterprise solution for businesses with specific goals in mind. 

  • Free trial
  • Starter: $29/month
  • Core: $99/month
  • Pro: $249/month
  • Enterprise: Custom

To learn more about how Mindstamp can help you achieve your business goals, start your free trial to see these interactive video features in action, or request a personalized demo with one of our interactive video experts to discuss unique capabilities for your business needs.