Brightcove vs. Mindstamp: How do they compare?

Do you know that 41.5% of people said that the greatest mistake they made when starting with their interactive video journey was choosing the wrong interactive platform? 

You might find it challenging to find an interactive video software that works best for your business, especially if you aren't quite sure what features and capabilities to look for. You could spend months conducting research before you make your decision, and even then, you may feel that the software does not fit your business needs.

Brightcove is a video communication platform, but has its limitations, which may have you thinking, “What other interactive video communication platforms are available that compare to Brightcove?” Rather than spend hours researching Brightcove and its best alternative, we've done the work for you.

Below is a breakdown of Brightcove and how it compares to the leading interactive video platform, Mindstamp.

Brightcove Breakdown

Hosting and video streaming platform, Brightcove, allows users to create a single media streaming experience that can be accessed from multiple devices. It offers tools like live streaming and video-on-demand as part of its hosting platform.

Brightcove recently acquired the interactive video platform HapYak. While Brightcove currently has a few interactive features, HapYak will be bringing more interactive video functionality to Brightcove, however, it’s unclear what features or plans will change. 

Additional Brightcove Features

  • Video library
  • On-demand publishing
  • Result tracking and reporting
  • Integrations with social sites
  • Interactivity and captioning

Brightcove Pricing

Brightcove's prices are starting at $199 a month and you usually have to sign an annual contract to use the service. Brightcove's prices vary and are customized depending on the package and features.

Why Mindstamp is the best Brightcove alternative

Mindstamp is an interactive video platform that makes it easy to turn any existing sales, marketing, and training video into an intelligent and interactive viewer experience. Mindstamp has a whole range of features that can be applied to existing videos to create an interactive video experience that maximizes engagement, drives action, and increases motivation and deeper understanding of the content. 

Mindstamp features:

Mindstamp pricing

Mindstamp offers a free trial for all new users and has various affordable monthly and annual pricing plans available, including a custom Enterprise solution for businesses with specific goals in mind.

  • Free trial
  • Starter: $29/month
  • Core: $99/month
  • Pro: $249/month
  • Enterprise: Custom

The Mindstamp Difference

With its extensive interactive features and simple drag and drop interface, Mindstamp has become a known favorite for Best Video Software, not to mention one of the more affordable interactive video platforms on the market.

In addition to its powerful interactive capabilities, Mindstamp has a great support network including a comprehensive help center and a dedicated support team available via meeting or chat to ensure you’re maximizing Mindstamp’s features.

Get started with Mindstamp

To learn more about how Mindstamp can help you achieve your business goals, start your free trial to see these interactive video features in action, or request a personalized demo with one of our interactive video experts to discuss unique capabilities for your business needs.